Collision Costs Reduction ConsultancyThere are over 6 million vehicles used for business purposes in the UK, including those who drive their own cars and claim mileage. The Department for Transport estimates that a third of those will have a collision in the next 12 months. Driving on business is therefore probably the single most dangerous activity your staff will undertake. Businesses, including yours, are paying dearly for these collisions.

But where do you even start to tackle the problem?


Collision Costs Review and Reduction

Fleet21 helps organisations to better understand the collision costs and risks currently in the business, and to then improve both areas in the most effective way possible. Optimising how you manage staff that drive on business can bring significant improvements to profitability.

Our consultants work with you to help achieve sustainable long-term improvements:

Reduced insurance premium and excess payments

Less frequent end of term chargebacks for damage to lease cars

Less likelihood of uninsured losses following a collision

Lower fuel use and business mileage claims

Improved engagement and safe driving culture within the business

Optimised procedures to help with duty of care

How Fleet21 can help you…

Better management of those who drive for your organisation makes good business sense.

Do you and your management team fully understand what your business needs to do to be compliant with duty of care legislation regarding your business drivers?
Ever wondered what would happen if one of your drivers had a serious crash while visiting your biggest client?

If you think your business isn’t at risk then you might want to think again – there are over 6 million cars used for business in the UK and approximately a third of them are likely to be involved in a collision in the next 12 months.

Fleet21 works with directors and senior managers to help them understand the costs and risks that their business is subjected to by poor management of those who drive. Services include management team workshops,  led by fleet management and legal experts, to identify gaps and develop improvement plans, through to coaching and support plans for individual managers where fleet risk management may be a small part of their overall role.

  • We’ll start with a range of scenarios – you’ll see just how easy it is for a momentary lapse by one of your drivers to have life changing and business changing consequences.
  • What happens next? We’ll look at how the Police and the HSE will conduct their investigation, what they look for when they visit your offices, who they’ll want to talk to and what questions you might be asked in an interview while under caution.
  • We’ll look at how a prosecution would proceed and also the sentencing options that the judge has available for both the driver and the company.
  • Why your business could be spending much more than you think on the consequences of vehicle damage and how better management of your drivers can dramatically improve your profitability.

Poor management of drivers can also put directors and organisations at significant risk of prosecution in the event of a serious collision which can result in highly damaging financial and reputational penalties if found guilty. Fleet21 will help you understand and minimise these risks.

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