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Have you moved to online licence checking yet?

Following the abolition of the paper counterpart to the driving licence, employers must now check their employee’s right to drive by verifying their driving licence directly against current DVLA data.

Act now to get your drivers’ licences verified online for just £6 per check

In the guide ‘Driving at Work: Managing Work-Related Road Safety’ produced by the Department for Transport and the HSE, employers are specifically asked:

“Do you check the validity of the driving licence on recruitment and periodically thereafter?”

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According to the DVLA, 1 million UK drivers are just 3 points away from losing their licence and on average 250,000 drivers are disqualified every year. Could you, hand on heart, say that every one of those drivers would report a subsequent disqualification to their employer if doing so meant they would lose their job, and quite possibly not be able to get another one?

Fleet21 offers a viable and secure alternative to manually checking licences in-house. The system validates the driving licence number before checking the licence information directly with the DVLA database. It then presents the data back to you through our Online Driver Information System, meaning you can always see the true status of your employees’ licences and you can eliminate any vulnerability to fraudulent licences.

Benefits of Fleet 21’s Driving Licence Verification Service

  • Eliminate risk: Online licence verification removes the failings inherent in paper-based checking
  • Save time and cost: Stop manually checking employees’ driving licences. Analysis shows using our service costs less per driver than in-house administration
  • Increase scrutiny: Ensure regular checks against the latest DVLA data
  • Ensure compliance: Demonstrate fulfillment of your duty of care and compliance responsibilities
  • Protect company directors: Produce evidence of due diligence in the event of litigation
  • Get absolute verification: Access drivers’ licence data 24/7 online and see the drivers putting your company at risk
  • Full licence details: endorsements, disqualifications, revoked licences, provisional licences, categories of vehicles entitled to drive and more
  • Continuous protection: Recheck licences at regular intervals automatically

Fleet21’s licence monitoring service is easy to implement. We’ll even help you with emails and letters to your drivers to help explain why you are required to do these checks.

Our standard verification service costs just £6 per check.

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